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Blacksheep Careers

Join the herd, become a black sheep

Make the best career decision ever. We are looking for passionate and talented engineers and professionals who think out of the box to create our own completely new things.

Digital Marketing Analyst

We have a position available for a Marketing Analyst with a strong understanding of Sales & Marketing. A successful candidate possesses excellent analytical and numerical skills and is creative with great problem-solving skills. The main responsibilities of the Digital Marketing Analyst are data management, data analysis, innovative proposals to improve the digital activities and ensure business goals are met.

Senior Software Engineer

We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer to drive execution and innovation within the team. The right candidate will lead a team of developers responsible for building new and support existing software projects.

Software Engineer

We are looking for a Software Engineer who has both an extensive background in software development and a strong understanding of hardware integration.

Mechanical Engineer

We are looking for talented Mechanical Engineers to join our journey to develop world-leading products.

Product Design Engineer

We are looking for a creative Product Design Engineer with excellent problem-solving skills.

Firmware Engineer

We are seeking a Firmware Engineer to join our dynamic team to develop new world-leading products.

Distributor Manager

We are looking for a results-driven and confident Distributor Manager to help our partner, Particle Works, bring microfluidic products to global business partners.

Front-End Developer

We have a position available for a Front-End Developer. Your role involves software development throughout the entire project life cycle (including website architecture, design input, site layout/user interface, database design/programming, website security), with a focus on UX/UI of website and mobile.

Immerse yourself in our diverse culture

We intend to become pioneers in the development of Vietnamese designed, developed, manufactured, and marketed cutting edge products with world leading performance and quality to be sold in global markets. We are looking for highly energetic men and women to join us to drive Vietnamese engineered products to the world.

We love the freedom of an entrepreneurial company and are looking for like-minded, ambitious people who have a desire to build something new and actively support our young company in its growth to greatness.

Blacksheep, our second home

We are driven and passionate individuals who work to challenge the world. Working at Blacksheep means you will be part of a diverse and innovative team who are always collaborating across fields. And it’s not only about work, it’s about loving your work and having fun doing something you love and care about.

Bring your ideas to life with Blacksheep

We’d love to hear from you. Submit your details and tell us more about yourself.

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