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Efficiently bridge the gap between creation and consumers with our distribution expertise

We establish and manage channels that amplify product impact. This includes appointing and overseeing distributors, establishing strategic partnerships or OEMs, ensuring efficient distribution channels for successful market reach and ongoing management. We strategically expand your market reach and optimize product impact through effective distribution strategies and strong partnerships.

From conducting market studies, strategic planning, to identifying and capturing business opportunities, we have a structured process to bring your products closer to potential customers in the region.

Our approach to developing distribution networks:

1. Market Analysis

We analyze the product and its uses, comprehend the customer base and market, and pinpoint criteria for selecting distribution partners.

2. Distributors Screening

We assess companies based on their product portfolio, application focus, company size, and most importantly the team profile

3. Initial Discussion

We initiate conversations with potential partners and evaluate their interests in the products and partnerships.

4. Technical Discussion

A step further into the discussion, we’ll support you and the partner to find a sweet-spot in both team’s offerings with mutual interest.

5. Business Plan

We provide local market insights and assess the market development strategy to maximize your opportunities and align with all other business’s expectations.

6. Agreement Negotiation

We consult the terms and conditions of the agreement and facilitate the negotiation.

7. Onboarding

We provide training and establish an efficient agreed-upon working processes.

Why choose Blacksheep for distribution channel setup and management?

Strategically positioned with our headquarters in the United Kingdom and our R&D hub centrally located in Hanoi, Vietnam, we can combine the advantages of both sites. Our deep knowledge of APAC distribution networks and local cultures enables us to navigate Asian markets effectively and build trust. Additionally, we leverage our expertise in managing technical product sales teams to excel in challenging markets.

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