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What we do

Specializing in precise client-tailored solutions, we deliver comprehensive outcomes through the application of dedicated microfluidics systems and devices. Our proficiency encompasses a broad spectrum of fields, notably, the generation of microparticles and nanoparticles for the pharmaceutical, biotech, and chemical industries, as well as our contributions to advancing nanotechnology, innovating new materials, and optimizing drug delivery, including lipid nanoparticles.

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Research Service

Our research services cater to CRO initiatives, feasibility studies, and POC analyses for biotech and pharmaceutical companies worldwide, with a primary focus on the dynamic markets of the UK and the US. Equipped with a fully operational laboratory housing advanced systems and devices, our skilled scientists use microfluidics technology to efficiently turn your particle ideas into reality, with meticulous attention to detail and data-driven insights for informed decision-making.


We offer expert consultation services, enabling our clients to navigate complex challenges in the realm of microfluidics and nanotechnology. Our friendly and knowledgeable team members are readily available to provide guidance and strategic direction to ensure the success of your projects.


By establishing strategic collaborations, we engage in partnerships that catalyze mutual growth and innovation, thereby nurturing an environment conducive to collective success and accomplishments. Our commitment to such partnerships is rooted in the pursuit of scientific advancement and the drive for continuous success and achievement.

How we do

Our approach revolves around effective project management and implementation strategies:

Project Initiation and

We conduct research to understand your project intricacies and offer strategic recommendations. These recommendations are available even before the contract is signed, providing you with valuable insights.

Execution and

 Adhering to standard operating procedures (SOPs), we ensure impeccable reproducibility and accuracy. Our monitoring allows for real-time adjustments, ensuring seamless project progress and success.

Evaluation and

Thorough evaluations drive actionable recommendations for ongoing enhancements. Our insights inform decision-making, leading to superior project outcomes and client satisfaction. Furthermore, we prioritize transparency and trust by ensuring the secure handover of all related documentation.

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Our team

Our team comprises dedicated, enthusiastic, and exceptionally skilled scientists specializing in micro and nano particle generation.

Chinh Nguyen

Chinh Nguyen is an accomplished professional currently serving as the Head of Science at Blacksheep. He holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Ulsan in South Korea. With a specialization in nanomaterials, microfluidics, and chemistry processing, Chinh brings over a decade of experience in nano materials and chemistry processing, along with five years of expertise in microfluidics.​

Ha-An Nguyen​

Ha-An is an experienced molecular biologist who, upon graduating from Charité Medical University Berlin, has acquired extensive knowledge in microscopy, sequencing, data analysis, and microfluidics biological processes. She is well versed in explaining diverse biological processes to both the chemists and engineers of the team.

Duy Mai​

Duy Mai is a highly motivated Scientist at Blacksheep with a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry and postdoctoral experience in nanoparticle development for diagnostic and cancer therapies. The current research is focused on advancing lipid nanoparticles for use in vaccine development and targeted drug delivery through microfluidic technology.​

Trung Nguyen

Trung is a dedicated microfluidics scientist with a solid academic foundation in physics, advanced material science, and nanotechnology. Trung has earned a Master's degree from USTH and has gained valuable experience through diligent work in various laboratories dedicated to microfluidic engineering and production.
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