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Our Flock

Meet our flock of radical sheep who are the emerging leaders of Blacksheep Power.

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Gilligan

Mark studied Engineering and worked in the Aerospace and F1 industries before moving from UK to the USA to develop mail handling equipment and later the very first DVD players for Philips. Mark stumbled into scientific and medical device development, and in 2001 he started what has since become a group of companies called Blacktrace Holdings Ltd.

Chief Technology Officer

John Briant

John’s extensive background in engineering encompasses life sciences, medical devices, microfluidics and manufacturing. He navigates the ups and downs of R&D by focusing on the goal, by transparent communication, and by knowing that there is always a way forward. He’s instrumental in innovating and optimising technology, and coaching the team to greater things.

Operations Director

Giang Nguyen

Giang graduated with degrees in English language and Culture and Literature and Internal Business Economics and she also has an MBA from UK. Before Blacksheep, Giang had 13 years of working experience with British Council Vietnam. Now she is the person responsible for all Blacksheep Operations in Vietnam including HR, Finance, Procurement, Manufacturing, Office Management.

Business Process Manager

Muriel Breteau

Muriel holds a master's degree in Biotechnology from France and a Ph.D. in Life Sciences from the UK. With a customer-oriented foundation and a rich background in microfluidics and lipid nanoparticles, Muriel now spearheads process enhancement at Blacksheep Power, ensuring operational efficiency and commercial success.
Xuan Nguyen Project Manager

Head of Software & Computing

Xuan Nguyen

Xuan has a degree in Natural Sciences (Biotechnology) from Minerva Schools at KGI (now Minerva University), USA. At Blacksheep, she takes charge of driving our tech and innovation efforts.

Head of Chemistry

Chinh Nguyen

Chinh has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from University of Ulsan, South Korea. Before Blacksheep, he was the Application leader at Blacktrace, a UK-based scientific company. At Blacksheep, Chinh provides leadership and management of all scientists and is accountable for all science R&D activities.

Head of Mechanical & Manufacturing

Lap Nguyen

Mechanical Engineer by profession, Lap has graduated from Hanoi University of Science and Technology. Lap manages development, prototyping and manufacturing projects within the Blacksheep system. He is also involved in the design and manufacturing of Blacksheep products and covers all the technical issues.

Head of System & Control

Vu Tran

With a degree in Control and Automation, Vu leads product development at Blacksheep, overseeing the intricate domains of electrical systems, firmware, and technical documentation. Prior to joining Blacksheep, he worked as a mechanical engineer at Cannon.
San Luu

Head of Marketing

San Luu

San has more than 10 years working in tech business industry. She joins Blacksheep with extensive experience in Marketing, Commercial Team Management and Project Management.

Business Development Manager

Ha An Nguyen

With a passion for nature, biology, and a strong technical flair, Ha An has embraced various roles in business development and commercialization over the past 8 years, in various life science research instrument and software companies across Asia, Europe and the US.​ She's a perfect blend of tech-savvy and people skills.


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