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Satisfied with the plan you made during the consultation?

We’ll send you a formal offer in the form of a quotation. In this document, we describe exactly what we will do for you, what the deliverables are and how much we will charge you for the service.

For example pricing, please refer to Pricing.

If you agree with our offer, you sign it electronically and download the signed document as pdf.

With the signed quotation, go to the purchasing department of your institute or company to arrange a Purchase Order (PO).

A Purchase Order is a formal order from your institute for our products or services. By issuing a PO, the financial department from your institute knows about our agreement and will be able to pay the bill when we are done.

Without a PO, we will not be able to send the invoice for the project, because the financial department will have no knowledge of the agreements we made on the project.

Once you have the PO, please send the document to, cc and your account manager, so we can process it in our administration.

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