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Reborn on Wheels:

The Next Generation of Electric Motorbikes

The Background

In 2017, our CEO, Mark, planned to transform the iconic Honda Cub into a cutting-edge electric motorbike. This idea led to the establishment of Blacksheep in Vietnam in 2018. Originally, the project aimed to repurpose Honda Cubs into powerful electric bikes resembling bicycles. However, the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 halted progress.

During the pandemic, the team developed brushless axial flux motors for medical ventilators. Realizing the potential of this type of motor, the engineers found a way to use it for the motorbike, along with improving the original motorbike’s design and supply chain. In 2023, with renewed focus, the project was reinitiated with a new fresh perspective.

The new motorbike no longer has the objective to upcycle old Honda Cubs since the original Honda Cub was not ideal for the performance level of the bike that we had ended up creating. This new bike is now a ground-up development, featuring a brushless axial flux motor designed and manufactured by Blacksheep.

The Vision

Our electric motorbike project is driven by a clear vision: to design and manufacture a new generation of electric motorbikes that excel in speed, power, and performance.

Innovative core

Developing a completely new motor based on Axial Flux motor theory but refined to provide customers with experiences of power and speed, yet simple in assembly and maintenance.

Revolutionary Generation

Designing and manufacturing a brand-new generation of electric motorbikes that are outstanding in features like speed, power, and high performance. This includes utilizing advanced busbar connections, sturdy front and rear shock absorbers, and a smooth, consistent tension belt drive transmission throughout the motion. All of this is in stark contrast to the previous generation, which failed to meet the preferences and passions of customers.

Advanced Battery

Applying the latest battery technology for extended, powerful, compact, easily replaceable, and cost-optimized operations with various battery options for customers to choose from.

The journey of developing The Original E-bike

May 2023

The electric motorbike project was initially planned as Blacksheep’s flagship venture, but it faced delays due to the Covid pandemic. In the initial revival stage, we focused on reviewing and updating the designs and specifications, as well as restoring the original electric motorbike to a functional and drivable state. This phase laid the foundation for the project’s direction and scope to develop a new generation of electric motorbike.

June 2023
Concept Generation

In this phase, our engineers collaborated to generate a range of concepts. Leveraging our collective expertise, we engaged in brainstorming sessions to create innovative ideas for developing and creating an advanced product and integrating cutting-edge technology. Various sketches, digital models, and concepts emerged, setting the stage for an exciting transformation.

July 2023
Proof of principle

After refining the concepts, the project progressed to the proof of principle stage. Here, we focused on constructing small-scale prototypes to validate the feasibility of the selected design and technology. Through preliminary testing, we ensured that the concept could be effectively realized and aligned with our performance objectives. This phase served as a crucial step in verifying the viability of our approach before proceeding further.

December 2023
Alpha Prototype

Currently, we are in the midst of creating and optimizing the prototype, which began in late 2023.

With proof of principle established, the project transitioned to crafting the alpha prototype. This phase is pivotal, marking the point where the project started to take tangible form. Our team is diligently working to integrate components, refine design elements, and overcome technical challenges. The alpha prototype aims to represent a functional version of the electric motorbike, with further refinements anticipated based on testing outcomes.

Technical specifications

Get ready to experience the future of electric motorbikes with our cutting-edge technical specifications.

Stylish appearance and lightweight design

Inspired by bicycles, the open-frame design enhances agility and eco-conscious commuting while reducing traffic congestion. The BMX-like structure with customizable graphic panels adds a touch of style and personalization.

Impressive performance

The motorbike boasts exceptional acceleration, high-speed capabilities, and efficient braking, enabling it to reach speeds exceeding 100 km/h within 13 seconds or even less. Complemented by an outstanding suspension system, it ensures a raw yet comfortable driving experience.

Own axial flux motor

Leveraging expertise from previous successful projects, the development of a proprietary axial flux motor promises superior efficiency and power. With a capacity of 18kW, surpassing competitors in its size range, this motor sets a high standard for performance.

Premium build

Reflecting Blacksheep’s commitment to quality, the motorbike features premium materials and craftsmanship throughout. Billet aluminum construction, integrated coils, and the use of busbars instead of wires contribute to stability, anti-vibration properties, and noise reduction.


Currently, the project is centered around the development and optimization of the engine with phase alpha 2. The primary objective is to create a bike capable of reaching speeds exceeding 100km/h without experiencing overheating issues. Looking ahead, we are considering the possibility of incorporating phase alpha 3 to further strengthen various components beyond the engine, ensuring a seamless transition to the beta phase.

Our goal for 2024 is to successfully complete the pilot phase, paving the way for mass production to commence in 2025.

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