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Your trusted partner in Outsourcing Manufacturing Projects

We offer a wide range of manufacturing solutions, from OEM components to ODM completed products. Our mission is to bring better solutions for your company growth but make no compromises on quality.

We have teams that understand how to build products from scratch. We provide a high-quality service to re-manufacture/fabricate/re-produce high quality scientific products for organisations in the world using the talent and skilfulness of highly qualified Vietnamese engineers. These are products which have been successfully manufactured elsewhere in the world already and have proved to be well–known in the world.

We are committed to high quality values in manufacturing while utilising the advantages of being based in Vietnam to make these products even more competitive in the global market.

Our areas of expertise include but is not limited to CNC machining; Laser cut sheet metal; Welding; Moulding; Assembly; Electronic manufacture; Procurement.

How Blacksheep delivers high quality outsourcing manufacturing projects:

Requirement analysis

  • Product understanding
  • Materials and manufacturing techniques analysis
  • Cost reduction solution
  • Product standard analysis


  • Pricing
  • Detailed timeline
  • Defined specification for
    quality inspection
  • Negotiation
  • Signing contract

Trial production & evaluation

  • Make 1 or 2 samples to demonstrate Blacksheep’s manufacturing capacity
  • Client evaluates and agrees on the delivered standard

Real manufacturing

  • Manufacturing under stric procedure
  • Update milestones

Quality control & Assurance

  • FAT test for sub-assemblies and full- assembly

Packaging and Delivery

  • Standard packaging
  • Ex works/FOB delivery

Service & Support

  • After-sales service – Technical support

Why choose Blacksheep as your partner for outsourcing manufacturing projects?

  • Blacksheep enables SMEs to access the benefits of Asian manufacturing capacity without the high levels of investment required if they were to do it themselves.
  • Blacksheep has built a highly curated supply chain network in Asia 
  • With a wide selection of suppliers operating in various fields, Blacksheep is able to connect businesses to any sources which are missing. 
  • Access to disciplined quality management procedures to meet global standards.
  • Access to a skilled team of engineers, experts and scientists with appropriate skills and background knowledge that include but is not limited to Mechanical engineers; Electronics engineers; Manufacturing engineers;Software developers and more.

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