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Manufacturing services:
Cost-effective solutions for modest volume production


Blacksheep, a fast-growing international science and technology company, focuses on the development of world leading products for high growth markets. In this case study, we showcase our successful manufacturing projects for a client in the United Kingdom (UK). The client sought our expertise in developing products on a modest volume basis, ranging from 50 to 1,000 units. The project encompassed a diverse range of manufacturing processes, including CNC machining, sheet metal cutting, bending, welding, injection molding, casting, elastomeric parts production, electronic manufacturing, firmware uploading, and full system assembly.


Modest volume production

The client needed manufacturing services on a modest scale, which required flexible and adaptable production capabilities.

Quality control

Stringent quality control measures were essential to ensure that the final products met the highest standards and delivered superior performance. The client also emphasized the importance of conducting comprehensive Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) to guarantee product compliance with specifications and industry regulations.

Cost efficiency

A key objective was to achieve overall costs that were lower than those typically encountered in the UK, EU, or the US. This included managing man time and material costs effectively.



After successfully manufacturing the products for our client, the results demonstrate our commitment to cost efficiency, reduced man time and materials costs, and the delivery of superior quality.

Cost efficiency

We successfully delivered products with lower overall costs compared to standard UK/EU/US rates, without compromising quality.

Reduced man time and materials costs

Our efficient processes and strategic material sourcing allowed for significant reductions in man time and materials costs, making the project economically viable.

Superior quality

Stringent quality control measures ensured that each product met the client’s expectations. Comprehensive FAT procedures resulted in products that passed rigorous testing, attesting to their reliability and compliance with industry standards.


Facing various challenges during the manufacturing process, we adopted innovative solutions to ensure precision and quality.

Machining holes for helicoils

The challenge involved machining holes for helicoils, with a gap to the surface measuring less than 0.15mm. To address this, we collaborated with the supplier to modify the machining method, including altering the steps for finishing the holes and surface. Additionally, we supported the supplier in creating jigs for each machining step.

Paint adaptation and sourcing challenge

The requirement for a specific paint type posed a challenge, as it hadn’t been used before for our product, and the required paint class was unavailable in Vietnam. To overcome this, we explored similar paint specifications available locally and engaged in discussions with the customer to ensure product quality remained consistent.

Stainless steel thread fabrication

Fabricating an M2 thread on stainless steel 316 proved difficult due to the material’s hardness, resulting in frequent tapper breakage. Managing tolerance within the customer’s requirements was crucial. To find a solution, we collaborated closely with the supplier, adjusting the tapper type, deepening the through holes, and increasing their diameter. Furthermore, we fine-tuned the cutting tapper conditions to improve the thread fabrication process.

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