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Blacksheep’s APAC Commercial Team

The Team

In 2018, a science and technology company based in UK approached us with the intention of establishing their commercial team in the APAC region. We successfully formed a partnership with them and built their commercial team, with most of the team members based in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The initial team comprised of one Distributor Manager, one Application Specialist, and a Marketing Executive. Over the course of five years, the team has grown significantly and now consists of nine members who have successfully onboarded, and managed more than 30 distributors across the APAC region.

The How

The APAC Commercial Team is entrusted with managing all commercial activities of our partner within the region. Their activities include:  

  • Establishing strong brand awareness by running meetings and events with local customers and partners, helping to build relationships and increase visibility in the local market;
  • Acquiring and training new distributors, provide comprehensive training on the products as well as any technical knowledge; and
  • Maintaining strong relationships with existing distributors.
  • Localising global marketing activities to align with the local markets;
  • Working closely with leading scientific institutes to gain insights into evolving customer needs and develop innovative solutions; and 
  • Maintaining a strong and consistent relationship between the client and their distributors, ensure a smooth and continuous flow of information and support between both parties. 

Through unwavering commitment to excellence, the team plays a pivotal role in leveraging their deep understanding of the APAC market to drive growth and success of our partner in the region. 

The Outcome 

The APAC Commercial Team has achieved great milestones in their efforts to expand the client’s distribution network in this emerging region.  

Through relentless efforts, the team has successfully helped our partner build a robust distribution network with over 30 distributors from China, Japan, Korea, India, Singapore, Australia, etc. This has helped them penetrate key markets and reach out to new customers in the region.  

They also run bi-annual Distributor Meeting, bringing together distributors from APAC countries to share insights, discuss emerging trends, and explore new business opportunities. 

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