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Outsourced Commercial Partnership for Engineering and Scientific Products

If you have a niche, or technical products that you want to market to countries in the Asia Pacific region but do not know where to start, we are your flock.

Blacksheep has experience in building distribution networks and managing sales and marketing activities for companies with application focused products such as scientific R&D instruments serving both academic and industry customers. Understanding local culture together with years of experience in selling highly engineered products, enable us to help you build sales, marketing and application support teams to penetrate some of the toughest yet most rewarding markets in the region including China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, etc.

From conducting market studies, strategic planning, to identifying and capturing business opportunities, we have a structured process to bring your products closer to potential customers in the region.

Our approach to developing distribution networks:

Market Analysis

  • Product understanding
  • Customer universe understanding
  • Pricing
  • Sales channel

Distributors Screening

  • Product portfolio
  • Focus application
  • Company size
  • Team profile

Initial Discussion

  • Identify partner
  • Evaluate
    distribution partnership

Introductory Product Training

  • Conduct
    product training

Business Plan

  • Build market development plan
  • Agree on business’s expectation

Agreement Negotiation

  • Propose terms and condition
  • Agree on initial level of investment


  • Training
  • Plan of action
  • Agree on working process

Why choose Blacksheep for sales and marketing for scientific instrument products?

  • The hub is located in Hanoi, Vietnam which is geographically central to the Asian Markets
  • Extensive scientific equipment distribution network within APAC region
  • Experience in developing and managing sales distribution network in APAC region
  • Experience in managing outsourced sales and marketing team for highly technical products

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