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Engineering Partnership

Innovation through sense of Possibility

The Research and Development (R&D) of brand-new and high-quality products is our core strength. Our products are created through a combination of problem-solving and creative engineering together with analytical and experimental research.

We focus most of our resources to develop new products from ideas to design, from prototype to production.

Our long-term vision is to build the world leading Blacksheep products and brands. We have constructed a “lean” process which allows us the freedom to develop high quality, innovative products in a consistent and disciplined way.

How Blacksheep dedicates to bringing alive innovative high-performance products

Phase 0

  • New idea register (evaluate and score the idea’s feasibility)
  • Product Brief
  • Project Proposal (turn Product Brief into a realistic and achievable project plan with key deliverables defined)

Phase 1
Concepts & Specification

  • URS & FRS
  • Concept generation and selection
  • Low-level design
  • Risk registration
  • Proof-of-concept prototyping


Phase 2
Alpha Prototype

  • Detailed-level design
  • Prototyping
  • Test protocol
  • DFMEA and changes record
  • Alpha prototype testing & technical review to move forward


Phase 3
Beta Prototype

  • Redesign work identified in Phase 2
  • Beta validation testing: Initial Confidence Testing & Performance and Secondary Functionality Testing
  • Continue with DFMEA and changes record


Phase 4
Pilot manufacturing

  • Produce in low quantity
  • Manufacturing procedure documents
  • Certification application
  • Design and apply FAT


Phase 5
Data pack & release

  • Finalize data pack
  • Business plan for product
  • Launch and mass manufacturing


Phase 6
Mass manufacturing

  • Produce in high quantity


Our Projects

Currently, our engineering team has been working on two internal projects:

Ventilator Project

Ventilator Project

The Ventilator project is our latest product that aims to bring a cutting-edge, high performance smart ventilator to the world that is scalable and cost effective.

The use of consumer-grade components enables this ventilator to be easy to use by anyone and this automated product can be run via smartphone or even a PC app.

Electric Motorbike Project

Electric Motorbike Project

Blacksheep’s first project was an electric bike where it created a fusion between the classic Honda Cub with a human carrying drone technology.
It uses the Honda Cub leading arm fork to add a touch of the classic motor bike and a 45 kW Blacksheep motor which has been derived from the human drone technology to give it the speed it needs.

Our Vision for R&D

There is an old African proverb that says “If you want to go fast, go alone; If you want to go far, go together.”

Research and Development is more successful with partnership and collaboration. Instead of going alone, we would like to work together with companies, higher education institutions and research organisations who have similar research agenda so that we can share resources and knowledge.

Our vision for R&D work is to provide:

  • Brand new technology solutions with ideas to improve life and sustainable development;
  • Affordable technology solutions to make it more accessible for low and middle-income countries;
  • Nurturing programmes for the young talent, with practical skills knowledge so that they can be ready and well-prepared for the world of work.

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