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Blacksheep Partnerships

Blacksheep has been working in Asia for a while and thus has the knowledge and expertise to support small/medium scale tech organizations who are looking to expand into Asia to take advantage of low cost driven production services and extend their business across various regions.

We have teams that understand how to build and rebuild complicated products and we have also gained knowledge in the supply chain in Asia. We act as a gateway to Asia and are able to create the bridge for companies to set up their production and assembly line as well as their marketing and supply chain in Asian markets.


We offer three distinct partnerships

Sales and Marketing Partnerships for Engineering and Scientific Products

We are here to serve SME companies with high-end engineering products who don’t have access to Asian market. With our experience in developing and managing sales distribution networks in the APAC region, we can be your solution to managing outsourced sales and marketing teams.

Our footprints are across the APAC region as we serve customers in many countries including China -Taiwan – Thailand – Australia – Singapore – Malaysia – Japan – Korea where we have successfully:

Run short term projects to advise partners on how to expand into Asia

  • Set up distribution networks and manage them
  • Operate an Asian Marketing team
  • Have an ongoing sales and applications team managed from Hanoi to serve customers in countries

OEM and Outsourcing manufacturing projects

We aim to work with high-end engineering companies who want to diversify their supply chain options because we have

  • Skilful local engineers
  • Widespread supply chain network in Asia
  • Disciplined quality management procedures to meet global standard

Our work and fabrication of components include but is not limited to:

  • CNC machining
  • Laser cutting
  • Welding
  • Injection moulding
  • Assembly
  • Electronic manufacture
  • Procurement

Single-cell Bioinformatics Partnerships

The booming of single-cell genomics field brings along with it big data being generated every day. However, the analysis of these single-cell sequencing data can be complex and daunting.

We aim to partner with and analyze data for single-cell genomics laboratories all around the world. With our standard deliverables, you will be able to quickly understand and analyze your results, create publication-ready graphs, and generate discussion and conclusions within hours.

Our client portfolio including laboratories and companies from United Kingdom, United States, Singapore, and more.

Why should you choose us?

  • Skillful local bioinformaticians and data scientists based in Hanoi
  • Ability to work with a wide range of data from different systems
  • Disciplined quality control processes
Blacksheep Vietnam Bioinformatics Team

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